Dare is a clothing brand focused on the young audience that values besides the aesthetics, the quality of the material they wear. The brand produces high durability clothing, where style, practicality and versatility are aligned.

The challenge was to translate the brand tone of voice into a name and symbol that aggregate the values it wants to convey to its audience, of being a brand that brings not only aesthetic pleasing, but also lasting products to the point where it can be used in the most different situations, therefore, "to dare" is one of the main message of the company.

The solution was to bring a more direct concept in the name, reflecting the main message directly. After the naming process, the path to creating the logo was clearer. Its icon brings a shape that merges two symbologies linked to the brand, the arrow image represents a place indicative "There" which is one of the inspirations for the name. (Dare is a different form of writing the word "there", it can also mean the verb "to dare"). The second image is the t-shirt, which is the main product of the brand (but not the only one). Merging these two images we have the icon that represents the brand.